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Unlike our Patron, St. Anthony of Egypt, we see ourselves very much involved in society and the lives of the people around us in the world.

We have chosen a life of simplicity, in a remote part of Ireland, where we continue to build an Oasis of Peace, and offer a warm welcome to all.

Our Fellowship shares the outlook and teachings of The Irish Open Church

Which reaches out to all people, irrespective of Race, Creed or Sexuality, and we will continue to spread this message everywhere we go.

We invite Individuals to come share our monastic way of life as members of The Fellowship of Saint Anthony

We also welcome Associate Members (as in confraternities of old) who wish to share in our vision, prayer and work,

but who may be unable to make the commitment to life in The Fellowship.


New members are invited to come share our way of life for a short term initially. 

To take time for us to  get to know each other, and decide if they wish to continue as

members of The Fellowship of St. Anthony

Upon completion of the first year with The Fellowship,

they will be invited to put themselves forward to be

clothed in our Habit

After the second year, they will be invited to make

Simple Vows, and receive the Symbol of the Fellowship, The Tau Cross

Simple Vows will be renewed every year


Our vows are the commitments that we make to a way of life, which can place demands on the whole person.

They are not binding. Should one feel that the Lord is guiding them elsewhere in life, they will not carry a burden of "broken vows"

They are not ends in themselves, but are a way of helping us to live the gospel, to follow more closely in the Christ's footsteps and to share with others the love of God.

Despite what people often think, the vows bring with them an immense amount of freedom and liberation.

Poverty – Those who feel called to our way of life, also have a desire to live simply and the vow of poverty means assuming a new relationship with things.

This means living with our brothers and sisters in simplicity with an openness of heart – sharing all that we have both materially and spiritually. It expresses dependence on and trust in God’s care for us. We receive no individual pay, but any income goes into the corporate ‘pot’ to be shared as needed and so we live as a family having all things in common. 

Chastity – is about “giving ourselves in undivided love to Christ, in celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom of God and in his love for all”

In other words, the primary relationship is that with God. Those who embrace this calling do so because that is how they believe God is asking them to serve him. There is a greater availability to God and a greater freedom to respond to where God might be calling us to be, as there are no other committed relationships to consider. It is a mutual love and care for one another, to which we witness in our daily relationships and through which we endeavour to make the light of Christ shine to all we meet.

Obedience – is about listening and responding to God, as God’s will is made known through the people and situations of life, and is firmly rooted in prayer.

Those living this form of life commit themselves to listening to God through the decisions of the Fellowship and through those who are elected to positions of leadership.

If we look to Jesus as an example, his obedience points to the Father’s will and was made possible because they were united as one in and through prayer.

If you would like to help us with our work, your family will be added to our Prayer Guild

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“To say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides from the blind”

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