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Our Core Vision is encapsulated in Scripture......

"There is no longer Jew or Greek, Slave or Free, Woman or Man, because you are all One in Christ Jesus"


Unity, Equality and Diversity sit at Heart of the life of our Church

This Inclusive principle governs everything

While the Established Churches tear themselves apart in their inability to accept Diversity,

Our Holy Orders are open to all irrespective of Gender or Sexual Identity


We bless alike the unions of heterosexual couples and those of other sexual identities.

Some of us are itinerant, after the Apostolic model, liberating the Gospel from the confines of parochial masonry,

bringing the Sacraments of Christian Love into people's homes, gardens and community centres.

Baptising children and celebrating Marriage in ways accessible to ordinary families.

We do not require adherence to a particular interpretation of the Christian tradition...

No story, doctrine or culture, can adequately encompass the Divine.

Freedom in thought, worship and ministry is encouraged

The Church for us is not defined just as a local worshipping community or by an organisation,

but is the life of God throughout society and in all people.......... Why not join us and play your part in shaping our future history?


Archbishop Jonathan Blake


For those who have clearly understood our vision, intention and purpose and passionately believe it, and want to share and live it.

To initiate discussion with us please make initial contact through the button below.

Remember to include brief details of who you are, how you can be contacted, why you consider yourself

a suitable candidate for ordination with us and what experience you have of ministry so far, if any.

Any questions or problems....feel free to contact us above



“To say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides from the blind”

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