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Solas Antoin Community

Anthony of Egypt b.251 (or Anthony the Great), was a Christian monk, and revered since his death in 356, as a saint.

He had been born of wealthy parents but when he was about 20, they died.

Inspired by Matt 19:21 ........."If you desire to be perfect, go sell all that you possess, give it to the poor and you shall have wealth in Heaven; then come, follow me."

Anthony did just that and walked deep into the desert...... There he found God waiting for him.......

He initially spent his time in complete solitude but eventually formed a community -or monastery- of hermits,

brothers and sisters, who had also withdrawn from life to spend time in private prayer, and study

He encouraged them to gather together each day for communal prayer, worship and shared meals.

His community in the Egyptian desert, was considered to have contributed to the origins of Christian monasticism

and is believed to have been inspirational to the lives of the Celtic monks in Ireland, and Greater Britain.

The Fellowship of Anthony takes its inspiration from The Hospital Brothers of Saint Anthony,

(also known as The Order of Saint Anthony, or Canons Regular of Saint Anthony of Vienne, or The Antonines)

who were a Roman Catholic congregation founded in c. 1095 in Grenoble in France,

with the purpose of  taking care of those suffering  from the common medieval disease of Saint Anthony's fire.

Pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela often became extremely sick with the affliction, so the order of St. Anthony

founded about 200 monastic hospitals and hostels along the four main routes of El Camino.

The members of the community wore a black habit with a blue Tau Cross (known as Saint Anthony's cross)

Saint Anthony's Cross on the former Antonine hospital in Höchst am Main

The Community at Solas Antoin (Light of Anthony)

Founded by Fr. Seamus, aspires to be an inter-denominational group of like-minded men and women, who live a simple life of prayer and service to each other and the wider population. 

Inspired by the example of Anthony, we withdraw, in part, from the hustle and bustle of modern life, to a remote place

overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in North West County Donegal, a region which is steeped in the spirituality of the 6th Century Celtic monks, such as Conal or Colmbcille (Columba) who lived near here .


Unlike our Patron,  we see ourselves very much involved in society. In the lives of the people in the locality around us and throughout the world.

We choose a life of simplicity, in a remote place, where we strive to build an Oasis of Peace, or Refuge,

Aiming to offer a warm welcome to our guests who seek solitude, a short break from every-day life or a chance to recharge.


The Fellowship  is not affiliated to any one church or denomination.

However, we reach out to all people, irrespective of Race, Creed or Sexuality, and will continue to spread this message everywhere.

Individuals are invited to share our communal way of life for a period of time, before choosing to commit themselves as members of The Fellowship

Some members will spend time along El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, like the medieval monks of St. Anthony,

ministering to the many thousands of “pelegrinos” who often come face to face

with an experience of the living God of Surprises, who touches their hearts.

If you would like to help us with our work, your family will be added to our Prayer Guild

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“To say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides from the blind”

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