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Parish of St Anthony the Great

Welcome to Our Parish which serves

County Donegal and is building 

a new Mission in Belfast (details to follow)

Mass is currently celebrated every day after

Morning Prayer at Solas Antoin

Drumlaghdrid Hill, Lettermacaward

County Donegal

Monday to Friday      07:30am

Saturday and Sunday 10:00am

Evening Prayer Daily  07:30pm

Come Join Us


Our Parish Mass Guild offers a beautiful alternative to

Traditional Gift Giving or Sympathy Mass Cards.

Enrolment in the Guild is a gift with supernatural benefits…the graces we all need!

“We should encourage people to have Masses offered for their own and other people’s intentions. This is our faith. And not just for the deceased but for the living – the living who are suffering, the living who are in need, the living who are estranged from God. There is an extra ordinary special grace for those for whom Masses are offered.” ........Father Seamus

Who can be enrolled?
Anyone. The person may be living or deceased. He or she may be a friend or a family member, an acquaintance who is facing difficult times or someone with whom we struggle.

The Masses for those enrolled will be offered for one year from the enrolment date 

in the Oratory of St Kevin at Solas Antoin



“To say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides from the blind”

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