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We want to reach out throughout the island of Ireland with a listening heart; building small communities of like-minded people.

Encouraging individuals who wish to deepen their search for vocation and share in our ministry, which excludes no person.

Helping to develop positive relationships, based on Justice, Truth and Love.

The Open Episcopal Church in Ireland is currently working in Dungloe Co Donegal, the City of Derry

and soon aims to establish our ministry in both Belfast and Dublin, eventually spreading throughout Ireland.

We hope to present a viable alternative to the growing tide of fundamentalism

By offering Love to All, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or Sexuality.

Like Jesus, we reach out to Everyone, providing a True Experience of Christian Relationship, Compassion and Care.

Together, we can create an Oasis of Peace on the Journey of Life.

A Meeting Place, an experience of acceptance and friendship in a sometimes lonely and brutal world.

We are not in any way fundamentalist, but offer our Humanity to others, on this amazing planet.

As we strive to right the wrongs, contributing in the work to create Social Harmony and Well Being.


Jesus calls us to reach out to all, who feel dispossessed, have been hurt or feel excluded in their experience of church and other faith groups. 

We do not regard ourselves as a separate body, a clique or a sub group, but belong to the single group of Humanity, to which we all belong.

Why do our Apostolic Priesthood, Christian Theology and Tradition matter so much?

We have a mandate, from the Succession of the Laying On of Hands, which can be traced back through to the Apostles of Jesus

Calling us to offer the love of Christ to the Rejected and Marginalised,

refusing to turn anyone away from the Sacraments, simply because they are a sinner; for We are All Sinners.

Everyone Is Welcome.

A part of the Universal Catholic Church every bit as Valid and every bit as Christian in Liturgy and Tradition.

Drawing upon every resource and tradition. Confident to create our own

Open to receive the blessings of other Faiths and Philosophies.

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“To say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides from the blind”

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