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The Open Episcopal Church is rooted in the Teachings and Traditions of the Early Church

Enshrined in the Christian Creeds and Agreements of all the early Ecumenical Councils.

Our Apostolic Succession originates in the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands and Archiepiscopal See of Utrecht

We express our beliefs in a Radical, Relevant, Modern and Accessible Manner.

The Open Episcopal Church in Ireland is currently working outside Dungloe Co Donegal, soon in the City of Derry

and aims to establish our ministry in both Belfast and Dublin, eventually spreading throughout Ireland....

In His words..."Come Follow Me"


Church is not a Building or a Denomination or a Distinct Group of People,

Rather ....... It is Everyone that Exists.

The original meaning of the word "church" referred to those who

gathered randomly, momentarily, to chat, laugh, weep or share their lives.

Humanity, in which every person has a right to be involved and play their part

To be available to everyone and regard every person as equal and welcome to contribute.

Not regarding ourselves as different from others, nor do we believe that we have all the answers or can be the source of all wisdom.

We believe that everyone has a part to play in the conversation and drama of life.

Encouraging all to offer their talents and in the connecting that takes place we all give and receive.

Growing towards a better and more humane understanding.

OEC is a Member of International Church Bodies, and other like-minded individual Faith Groups have sought Fellowship with us.

Bishop Maria Vittoria Longhitano The Inclusive Anglican Episcopal Church, Italia    The United Episcopal Catholic Communion, USA

The Anglican Apostolic Church - USA     Bishop Wenceslaus Tumuhimbise, Uganda   Bishop Golla Pushparaj The Anglican Ministries of India

Diocese of Telegana StateFraternite Episcopale Oecumenique Internationale, France   Open Borders Apostolic Community, Spain  Bishop Humberto Chmelnicky - Cuba


If your Faith Group is interested in forming Ecumenical Links with OEC contact us here



“To say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides from the blind”

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