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Individuals enrolled will be remembered by

The Community of Solas Antoin in our

Daily Prayer and Eucharist

 for one year from the enrolment date 


Welcome to every person, without exception

Come..... receive, share and benefit from the Sacraments

and the life of the Open Episcopal Church.

Especially if you have been hurt or excluded by a Faith Group

Aspiring to offer Unconditional Love to all people who cross our path,

Irrespective of Sexuality, Race, or Creed

Reaching out to all people, to help create a better understanding

Of spirituality and serve the Common Good


A New way of  Thinking for All.

As of today, when someone asks you about your Religious Beliefs and Faith, answer with this: 

"Firstly, I am a Human Being, the same as

7 Billion others in every way, and like them,

I wish to Look After my Family,

to Love and Feed them,

Be there for them and be Happy.

Secondly, my religious faith is mine,

whatever your faith is......

is Irrelevant.

This irrelevance is not disrespectful towards you it's just that your faith and

my faith may be different,

but this matters not, as Firstly we are Human,

we are the Same.

Human First,  Baggage Second.

Carl Bilsland



“To say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides from the blind”

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